STP’s best selling: Black Silver

Never neglect proper installation of your speaker components to get the best from your car audio system. At the core of the system should be proper preparation for install, and this includes sound insulation and dampening for the vehicle.

STP’s Black Silver dampening sheets have long been the bare minimum required when beginning to dampen your doors to prevent vibrations from interfering with your speakers ability to produce clean un-distorted sound. Black Silver in the Philippines comes in sheets of 75x50cm and a total product thickness of 1.8mm. It can be used on the doors, roof, fire-wall, wheel arches, trunk compartment, bonnet and plastic trim pieces to effectively lower (i.e. dampen) vibrations. When measured for mechanical loss (through mechanical loss factor or MLF), you will find that STP Black Silver you will find that it has increased MLF compared to ordinary materials. Inquire now at authorized STP dealers nationwide.