Ask CTK: Why Isn’t My Car Damped from the Factory?

Why don’t car manufacturers offer full sound insulation right at the factory? Its a legitimate question, and one that sometimes seems to make the most sense when you’ve actually driven a car that’s been properly damped.

CTK installation by Musico Mobile Audio – an EMMA Affiliate Partner in the Philippines

Many car owners think about this: It was really impossible to make a good sound insulation at the factory? It is not uncommon to find that even mid-segment vehicles stripped of additional noise insulation as standard.

The main reason why automakers do not make special insulating elements on the body is savings. Each noisy element represents an additional cost, and when you take into account their production volumes, it adds up to big money.

The second reason is time. While the effects of proper sound insulation are instantly felt and heard, the process of PROPERLY installing sound insulation in cars is truly time consuming.

Lastly, the more glaring misconception is weight. While it is true that damping materials will add some weight, it is not to the point where it could have a drastic effect on fuel economy. When done right, with premium materials such as CTK premium, you can have proper sound insulation without the added additional weight of traditional dampening materials.

So inquire now at any CTK premium dealer in the Philippines to find out how you can get the added benefits of a quieter ride today.