A Simple Ring of Foam Makes a World of a Difference.

One of the problems with installing speakers inside of OEM locations is that many times there is a gap between the speaker itself and the panel and onward to the interior of the car. Theses gaps are like black holes that suck out the energy from your music. It’s actually one of the main reasons why stock systems sound the way they do (i.e. muffled, not very clear or open sounding)
A simple solution which recently has come about is to put a ring of foam to couple your speaker to the door panel properly. This removes the gap between your speaker and the door panel and aids in directing the sound towards the listening area.
Check out the foam ring solutions offered by The Install Depot. Their foam rings are made of water resistant memory type foam which will conform to whatever shape of car panel you will have, ensuring the best possible fit. Not only that, the center portion of the donut (the munchkin) can be used behind the speaker to also help dispurse the backwave created by your speaker, further improving your speakers response.
Ask any Install Depot dealer to purchase a set and try it out today. Its a simple, cost effective way to give your system that added boost in clarity we all look for in our systems.