It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings : Morel Supremo

Morel’s reference mobile audio sound system. Employing technical innovation from Morel’s flagship home audio speaker, the fat lady.
The Supremo represents a tour de force of Morel’s expertise and craftsmanship, elevating car audio musical presentation to a whole new level. We challenge you to experience the Supremo. You will be drawn irresistibly to the music; feeling the same adrenaline rush as being present at a live concert, but this time in your own car.
An optimized version of the fat lady mid-bass woofer, creating precision, linearity, dynamics, and wide frequency range.Supremo Piccolo Tweeter. Seamlessly matches the Supremo woofer with an exceptionally low resonance point and flat frequency response.
Engineered to meet the most challenging acoustic conditions of a car, the new MXR crossovers employs Mundorf components, positive phase, sharp roll-off, and resistor-free signal paths to create total sound integration between the Supremo components to recreate a realistic three-dimensional sound. Reward yourself and inquire at any Morel Authorized retailer nation wide, or drop by any of our competitions. These speakers have been wining time and time again when paired with the proper equipment and installation skills.