Alpha 1 Audio Signal Cables

Alpha 1 Audio has released to the market its full line up of power and signal cables, with emphasis on the quality and finish of their new line of RCA Cables.

All their RCAs feature 100% Oxygen Free Cooer twisted core strands of 12mm each, wrapped in flexible translucent jackets to allow for the best shielding and wire protection for the in vehicle installation.

Available in a variety of lengths as well as application types, there isn’t an RCA type you might need that Alpha 1 Audio doesn’t have available, including extra long runs for those of you who want to link up vehicles playing simultaneously.

All Alpha 1 Audio products are packaged in environmentally friendly and reusable packets, so you can have your hobby and know that you are not contributing to more waste.

Inquire today at any authorized Alpha 1 Audio dealer, or visit their Facebook page for more information on Alpha 1 Audio.