Product Spotlight: Steg SG65OC 2 way Component Speakers

Steg now offers a full range of products steming from their long experience and heritage of producing some of the most well received car audio amplifiers.

The Steg SG65OC is a standard 2 way component set consisting of a 6.5″ woofer with a 2 ohm impedence, matched to a 6 ohm tweeter. In tandem together with the supplied crossover will allow the end user to experience the best of both words. Quick, punchy and deep midbass in most standard sized car doors, together with a refined detailed high frequency response in the treble region.

Complete with tweeter pods, the STEG SG65OC will allow installers and end users alike to configure the best position for the tweeters inside the car environment, meaning that the old trade off between OEM placements, and better imaging and sound staging are a thing of the past.

The STEG SG65OC is available at authorized STEG retailers nationwide. Do inquire too about the full line up of STEG amplifiers to match your new speakers.