EMMA Sound Quality League (ESQL)

ESQL competition was formed by EMMA Philippines and EMMA Thailand to open a competition arena for those who enjoy listening to good sound quality outside their cars. The following are the newest categories for ESQL in the Philippines, which now caters to, and responds to our experiences in EMMA competitions.

ESQL Categories

  • ESQL up to 135db
  • ESQL 2 Woofer
  • ESQL 4 Woofer
  • ESQL 8 Woofer
  • ESQL 16 Woofer

All Master Categories are limited to T,R, and B installations

No bonus points

ESQL Expert Categories

  • ESQL Expert Unlimited

Total of 6 points bonus

Number of woofers Size of woofer Classification Circumference (No longer than)
1x 25cm =10” Equals 1 woofer 78,5cm
1x 30cm =12” Equals 2 woofers 94,2cm
3x 20cm = 8”/6”x9” Equals 2 woofers 62,8cm (per 8”)
1x 38cm =15” Equals 3 woofers 119,3cm
1x 46cm =18” Equals 4 woofers 144,4cm