EMMA Philippines 2023 Sponsor Recognition Awards

While we approach the holiday season, EMMA Philippines would like to recognize the efforts of our sponsors in their marketing efforts which reflect in competitor usage of their brands in our competition for the year ending 2023. The following recognition reflect the usage statistics EMMA Philippines collects whenever our competitors register for competition.

  1. Top Source Unit for Sound Quality Competition: Pioneer
  2. Top Source Unit for ESQL/ESPL: Alpine
  3. Top Front Speaker for Sound Quality Competition: Audible Physics / Micro Precision
  4. Top Front Speaker for ESQL: DS18 / Ground Zero
  5. Top Subwoofer Speaker for Sound Quality Competition: Crescendo
  6. Top Subwoofer Speaker for ESPL/ESQL: Ground Zero
  7. Top Damping for Competition: STP
  8. Top DSP for Sound Quality Competition: Helix
  9. Top DSP for ESPL/ESQL: Alpine

Congratulations to all our sponsors for their hard work and effort in putting up brands that have high Recognition and usage in the Philippines competition scene.